Monday, January 23, 2012

Will the 2012 Presidential Election Matter?

Disclaimer: Written before the reversal in Iowa and the South Carolina

Legislative elections seem to be the forgotten step-child of elections in this country. All eyes are fixed on a likely Romney-Obama presidential election in 2012 and with good reason, but control of the House and Senate will be on the line as well.

 Most Americans will tell you that they are dissatisfied with the job performance of Congress as its’ currently constituted. How the voters decide to fix the problem of legislative gridlock in this country will determine whether who wins the 2012 Presidential election will even matter, at least in the short term.

Currently the Democrats hold the Senate, while the Republicans hold the House of Representatives. It is my fear that voters will simply decide to flip the legislative houses, giving the Democrats the House, while Republicans win the Senate.

 This scenario basically leaves us with the same gridlock that we’ve seen for the last two years. Even worse, it makes whomever sits in the oval office largely irrelevant.

 Romney and Obama would be largely handcuffed in getting their agenda from conception to reality.

Then again, having one party control everything hasn’t exactly been great for the country either.

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