Friday, January 6, 2012

Michelle Bachmann: Hawkeye Down

From Ames straw poll winner to seventh place finish in the Iowa Caucus. That was the candidacy of Michelle Bachmann.

There was no future in this contest for Bachmann without a victory in Iowa. If your home state doesn’t believe you’re the best person for the job, than you have no hope nationally. Even a post-scream Howard Dean was able to win the Vermont primary, where he had been a two term governor.

Michelle Bachmann brought a unique voice to the campaign trail that will be sorely missed. Bachmann is still a powerful voice for the Tea Party within the halls of Congress and is best suited to return to that role.

This will probably be her one and only shot at the presidency, unless something drastic occurs. I don’t believe her views are mainstream enough to win the job, ultimately.

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