Thursday, January 26, 2012

Napoleon’s Gangster Complex

There’s gotta be a better way to do this angry thing. When I’m upset, I have this gigantic bad tendency to lose all control of my verbal functions and the results have been quite ugly.

I’ve threatened to pound on a couple of idiotic boyfriends, said really cruel things about a girl I want/ed? to be friends with, and then there was the epic “I’m going to enjoy putting the screws to him” rant of 2007.

 Most of these have occurred at my home away from home Rock Valley College. Yes, ladies and gentleman Napoleon has a gangster complex.
 The problem is, I’m not a gangster, a thug, a badass. Just some guy who can’t properly process his emotions.

 Don’t play a role that degrades who you really are as a person, it never ends well. You just end up feeling alone and empty inside.

Those few brief moments that you feel good are soon replaced by skeletons of your past misdeeds that you have to struggle with daily.

 It’s not a struggle that you want to fight, trust me on that point.

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