Friday, January 6, 2012

New Hampshire: Huntsman’s Last Stand?

Former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman is betting everything on Tuesday’s New Hampshire primary.

Huntsman made a calculated, and I believe correct call to bypass the Iowa Caucus. The large numbers of prevalence of evangelical voters within Iowa would’ve made a sustained campaign by the moderate Huntsman futile because he isn’t conservative enough to appeal to the primary voters in Iowa.

This leaves Huntsman camping in New Hampshire, hoping for an eleventh hour miracle to salvage his presidential campaign. If Huntsman doesn’t win there, his campaign is effectively over because he has staked so much on the state.

 At the moment, Mitt Romney holds a commanding lead over Ron Paul and others. Too bad, because Huntsman is my preferred Republican presidential candidate.

Huntsman is a moderate, something the Republican party seems to be lacking these days. He has intimate knowledge of China and the challenges that the United States will face there in the coming years and decades.

As governor of Utah, he has experience being the chief executive of state, one of the key criticisms of our current president.

The Republican party is failing to grasp that they need a moderate to win, and I’m not sure I’d put my faith in Massachusetts Mitt, if I were them.

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