Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Crazy in Arizona

I was very saddened to hear that Gabrielle Gifford’s has decided to resign her seat in Congress. Her decision is perfectly understandable, given the long road to recovery still in front of her. But, it should have never come to this.

As a moderate Democrat living in a fairly conservative section of Illinois, I disagree with many of my representatives positions. There are ways to voice disagreement with our elected officials without taking a gun and killing six people at a supermarket.

 You could write a letter, show up at a public event, call their office. There were millions of better ways to deal with your problems without critically wounding a United States Congresswoman and killing six others. Christ, what the hell did a six year old girl have to do with anything?

It’s always baffled me, why we have these crazy people who feel some diseased need to commit a mass shooting. They are so mentally unhinged that they need to take a bunch of people with them on the way out.

 If life sucks so badly, could you please not be so damn selfish in your psychosis, and just end your own life, if mental health services are not an option?

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