Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Problem Solvers Not Politicians

Enough with this political crap. Any American who believes that politicians have the answers to our problems is in dire need of a cats scan.

 If politicians had the capacity to solve problems, we would not have the same buffet of problems that plagued us thirty years ago + scores of new problems.

 Politicians have access to tremendous resources, but often get bogged down in self interests like re-election campaigns and bought off by special interests, which have largely maintained the status quo.

 The United States is in trouble and I don't think I’ve heard a politician who has a meaningful answer of how to fix the problems.

We need problem solvers--visionaries who have not been effectively defanged out of concern for themselves. There are many gifted scientists and thinkers who’ve spent entire lifetimes working to find solutions to the seemingly impossible problems of the world.

These people are often unreasonable and uncompromising, simply because they have to be. With reason and logic come doubt, and it is our doubts and fears that bore into us, and prevent us from ascending to the greatness that dwells inside us.

But still we wait for politicians to save us.

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