Monday, January 23, 2012

America’s Political Problem

I think I understand the large-scale problem with politics in this country. We have two political parties who seem obsessed with the notion that the other party is ruining the country.

 Conservatives claim that liberals are ruining the country, while liberals claim that extreme conservatism is ruining the country. The sad commentary is that their both right.

The moderate voice in American politics has been largely cowed and driven from the halls of Congress. In its’ place, we have a group of ideologues intent on demonizing the other to score points from their base, rather than doing anything for the people.

Extremism is poisonous no matter what party claims it. Our current political climate wrongly implies that one form of extremism is better than another. This is flat out wrong and absolutely ignorant. Both extreme liberalism and extreme conservatism will ruin a nation.

For anyone who doesn’t see that enjoy being blind.

 As long as this culture of one good extremism continues, there will continue to be rough times ahead because the voters will continue to alternate extremisms each change ultimately proving less successful than the last.

Moderation isn’t such a dirty word.

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