Monday, January 23, 2012

Hailey Barbour: The Problem With Pardon

A few months ago, Mississippi Governor Hailey Barbour was hailed as a potential Republican presidential candidate. Now, he’s embroiled in a pardons scandal that may mute any higher political ambitions.

 Of the 200 pardons that were issued, four of five are raising the most eyebrows because of the fact that the pardoned worked in the governors’ mansion. While Barbour certainly has the right to issue pardons [it‘s common practice for outgoing governors and presidents], he seems to need a little help in understanding why this is an issue.

Former Governor Barbour, in a political climate distrustful of politicians, you’ve just illustrated the problem. These men worked in the governors mansion and have been granted pardons. Those two facts are just happy coincidences right? Uh-Huh, sure, yeah right.

 The message is: help the governor and he helps you. Apparently, who cares about the victims or their families? This move could be costly for Mr. Barbour though, he can probably kiss any presidential aspirations goodbye, if he holds them. I can see the Democratic campaign ad now:

Hailey Barbour: Who let the Murderers Out!

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