Thursday, January 5, 2012

Whose Debate?

With a slew of presidential debates leading up to the Iowa Caucuses and at least two more before the New Hampshire primary on Tuesday. The question needs to be asked: Who are all these debates really for?

Conventional wisdom says there not designed to make the candidates look less appealing or out of touch with the reality faced by the people whose vote they are seeking.

Logically, these debates are taking place in order to give perspective Republican voters the greatest opportunity to choose their candidate among the field of potential nominees. But how many debates would the average voter need before coming to a decision?

The high ratings for these contests suggest that most Republicans don’t have their candidate, yet.
It’s as if the average voter watches these debates pleading “Someone, please say something to win my vote.”

Perhaps, the debate heavy schedule is a primer for the general election campaign against President Obama, which is sure to be bruising affair.

But, how often is the Republican nominee going to really debate the President Obama 1 on 1? Maybe five times, at best. Furthermore, Barack Obama is a gifted orator, out-debating him is not a winning strategy.

Debates are not the domains of policy and ideas, which can beat President Obama in November 2012.

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