Tuesday, January 24, 2012

South Carolina: Campaign Graveyard

The lead up to the South Carolina Primary saw the end of the presidential campaigns of Rick Perry and Jon Huntsmen.

Jon Huntsman never really gained any traction in the race. Never really polling higher than three-four percent of the vote nationally. Was it his previous work as the Ambassador to China within the Obama administration or his rather moderate voice, being inaudible within the sea of extremism?

 We may never know. Primary contests are not generally contests of moderation these days. Therefore, the mere act of showing moderation may have made Huntsman dead in the water from day one.

Rick Perry is a far more interesting story. Perry was once the Republican candidate of the month, before a series of debate gaffs, sunk the Texas Governor. He had the conservative credentials to mount a challenge to Mitt Romney.

Unfortunately, forgetting one of three federal departments that you want to cut, does not inspire confidence in your presidential abilities. In a hyper-media culture, everything one does is repeated millions of times, making Rick Perry’s series of gaffs unforgivable.

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