Sunday, January 29, 2012

Braver than Scotland

Could Scotland become independent? There’s a referendum scheduled for 2014 that may provide the answer to that question.

In the meantime, a recent survey by the Institute for Public Policy research reveals that just under half of English respondents identified themselves as more English than British.

The feeling is no less pronounced on the British side of the equation, as 45% believe that Scotland gets more than its share in public spending.

Further, 79% percent believe that Scottish members of Parliament should not vote on English matters that come before Parliament.

Yet, only 22% say Scots should vote for total independence. Source:

Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland have experimented with devolved political and electoral systems [much to my chagrin.] The results of this survey indicate that this devolution has created a strain, but not enough of a strain to warrant full independence.

There is probably an element of British unionism here. Taking Scotland from the U.K. would be an affront to the character of the nation for some people within the U.K.

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