Monday, January 23, 2012

Mitt Romney: Sure as Granite?

Due to a blog backlog, this was written before the Iowa and South Carolina episodes.

Mitt Romney had the expected victory in New Hampshire becoming the first non incumbent Republican to win both Iowa and New Hampshire. Ron Paul and Jon Huntsmen finished second and third.

 Voters in New Hampshire claimed they were looking for the candidate most likely to defeat President Obama in a general election.

 I think he’s the best candidate in a largely uninspiring field of Republican candidates who are too easily branded as too moderate to please the conservative wing of the party, or too conservative to win a general election.

But one cannot deny his position of strength. He’s won Iowa and New Hampshire and is likely to win in South Carolina before Florida. The more he wins, the harder it is to deny him the nomination as candidates continue to engage in chest thumping to decide whose more conservative.

I’m not sure that Romney will prove ultimately satisfying to a conservative base, but Obama has disappointed many people as well. This could become the most hold your nose election this side of Bush-Kerry.

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