Sunday, September 18, 2011

Will Riots Come to America?

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has indicated that there is a strong likelihood of riots in the United States similar to those throughout Athens and London, if the politicians in Washington don’t do something to create more jobs in this country. Bloomberg is right here, the elements are simmering perfectly for large scale riots throughout the streets of this country.

There’s a title-wave of discontent over the inability of government to do much of anything, scores of middle class Americans out of work for months and years with few prospects for gainful employment, and an ever growing population of young college educated graduates who also can’t find jobs.

I’m not advocating rioting in the streets, that would be a great tragedy and really solves nothing. But are we really that far from the protesters that brought about the Arab Spring? Think about it, they protested governments that where viewed as unresponsive to their people’s needs. The protesters were largely young, many reasonably educated and jobless. Peoples wants are largely basic: they want to be secure and they want the ability to provide for their families in a dignified manner.

I’m calling on our political leaders to listen to the growing poverty rates, foreclosures, and general strife and do something. I’m very much afraid our politicians will miss the signals and not see the protests coming…then again neither did Mubarak.

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