Friday, September 2, 2011

Real Uncensored Thoughts on the RVCMUN

A man wiser than I once declared that truth is stranger than fiction. The bad part about the fiction I am about to set right is that was the guiding force in much of its’ creation, but first let me clear other peoples good name. My mother is nowhere near as strict as I have made her out to be in my own moments of anger.

She doesn’t have a negative opinion of the Model UN just some people who have been members of the RVCMUN who haven’t treated me the greatest, though to be fair that treatment goes two ways. She’d probably welcome anyone interested in being a true friend to me, because she’s worried about my tendency towards being a hermit. I can leave the house anytime I want.

My best friend doesn’t care for the MUN, but would certainly never advise me to not seek their friendship or hang out with them, if the opportunity presented itself. And even if my mother and my best friend absolutely detested it, am I not old enough at twenty four to determine who and what I want in my life?

I have been accused by some of not understanding how MUN works. I want to understand. MUN has been something of a fascination for me over the last couple of years and I’d love to see what you guys actually do for once.

Dr. Martin Quirk, RVCMUN advisor has never been anything less than good to me and I think he’ll have a really good team. Some of them honestly look like their ready for grad school, but I kid out of respect.

There’s a more cohesive feeling to this team than in years past…several of them gather in hallways, doorways, its’ really a good thing to see, reminding me of RVCMUN teams from when I was going there as a full time student.

 Now if they would only dare to talk to me…guys its’ alright to just walk up to me and start talking, I’ll put down whatever I’m reading it really will be alright. Knock the book out of my hand if you need to...

And as for my latest conflict, SN has already been basically forgiven, but I’m not making any further moves on that front, at this time.

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