Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Innovators Not Orators

Both sides of the train wreck that is our United States government have offered ideas on how to fix the mess that is the United States economy. After hearing both sides, I need a nap because you guys are boring me to death with all your tired, out of touch, proposed before solutions.

 This crisis is one that most of us have never seen before, as the economy has been in relatively sound shape since World War II with a few hiccups during the 1970’s and 80’s. It has become clear to me and many others on Main Street that governmental rhetoric and toddler style squabbling will not get us out of this mess and is quite likely to make this worse before their better.

We need innovators like Steve Jobs who can create new products and change the landscape of the world. New ideas that can blast the tired old retreads trotted out by our so called leaders.

 The solutions to the world’s problems do not come from politicians, they are created within the walls of the globes best research and development companies…you name a problem someone is probably working on something as I type these words. It is our task to either find the people with these groundbreaking ideas or even better create them for ourselves. Anyone expecting government to solve this problem, is foolish.

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