Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Battle for Reagan’s’ Mantle

The current crop of Republican candidates for the 2012 Presidential Nomination are battling each other, and Barack Obama, but there’s a ghost in the debating halls throughout this country and his name is Ronald Reagan.

Regardless of anyone’s opinion of President Reagan, no one can deny that his legacy still stamps the Republican party, much as John Kennedy still stamps the Democratic party in my view. No Republican will win the White House or a guest house without making the proper appeals to the Reagan Republicans. That’s why his name is so prevalent on the lips of virtually every candidate in the race.

What should bother us is that we have to look back at leaders like Reagan and Kennedy with an almost respectful sadness because it doesn’t look like we have leaders who are willing to step up and lead just those whose only skill is shooting flaming balls of dragon rhetoric at the other side.

It’s great to invoke the leaders of our not so distant past, but all this constant invoking leads one to question “If you’re the candidate for office, why are you bringing up Reagan every third comment…why should we vote for you"?

And most importantly to the Republican candidates: There was and will only be one Ronald Reagan and none of you have shown me you’re the innovator we need now.

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