Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Lessons From 9-11

1. You have to take action on your own. Despite first responders best efforts and no doubt best intentions, the people who survived the attacks, largely took action on their own while those who waited to be rescued are not here today.

2. Terrorism is a global phenomenon and no nation is exempt from its’ effects. Before 9-11, there seemed to be this American ignorance to the problem of terrorism. Through 9-11, terrorism was brought to our shores…so that we can no longer exclude ourselves from the problems of the world.

3. Terrorists will exploit any opportunity we give them, they are crafty and inventive in a sickening way. Therefore, we need to be just as creative in the solutions that we propose in dealing with them. Terrorism cannot be defeated through guns and bombs alone.

4. On the plus side, when the chips are down, the global community did manage to show that for the bitterest of passing moments, they can come together. If we stay together, we can fight any enemy, but if we continue to divide ourselves through partisanship games, than we shall be defeated.

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