Saturday, September 24, 2011

Do We Want Arab Democracy?

Arab democracy is the hot trend throughout the Middle East as many previously stable autocratic regimes have quaked under popular protest. My question today is: Does a wave of Arab democracy benefit the national security interests of the United States?

 Before you brand the question as the crazy ramblings of a college student blogger, consider what true democracy would mean throughout parts of the Arab World. Public perceptions of the United States within the Middle East were positively woeful throughout the Middle East particularly in Saudi Arabia and Jordan (where we prop up the monarchies) we’re talking under ten percent favorable ratings under George W. Bush and I don’t think there’s been a great resurgence under Barack Obama.

If our friendly dictators fall and free elections are allowed to take place throughout the Arab world, the resulting governments are likely to be quite hostile towards the American self interest and Americans in general. That’s why an unfettered flag waving for democratic processes in the Middle East hasn’t been undertaken by Washington because they understand that the Middle East could become a simmering pool of resentment for Americans…if democracy movements are not checked somewhat.

 Of course, the United States still has to appear to support human rights and freedom, while wondering “what if x falls”? With more than a passing concern in their eyes.

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