Friday, September 23, 2011

Death Penalty Inc.

The Christian Science Monitor has posted a list of the top five death penalty utilizing countries since 2007. You can view the article here:

The top five countries in descending order: Pakistan, The United States, Iran, Iraq, and China. This really isn’t a list the United States wants to be on, surrounded by three dictatorships and an Iraq that has been unquestionably influenced by Iran.

 Human rights advocates and death penalty opponents are liable to have a field day with this one because they now have certifiable proof that the United States is among the most barbaric nations of the world, at least in one category. I personally don’t like the fact that the United States is on this list and think that the death penalty doesn’t really accomplish much.

With all due respect to death penalty advocates and those who’ve lost relatives and friends in the most heinous of ways, the death penalty gives criminals the easy way out.

Think about it, wouldn’t it be more punishing to make capital murderers sit in a jail cell for a lifetime thinking about the things they’ve done locking them into their thoughts that have the power to torture. As opposed to a death penalty, where in mere minutes its’ over after the years of appeals. It doesn’t bring the person who died and in a way you offer a quick escape card to cold blooded killers. But maybe commenter’s can show me the errors of my ways.

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