Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Herman Cain, Really?

Rick Perry has been hailed as the frontrunner of the Republican presidential race for weeks. This status has been questioned following a loss to Mitt Romney in a straw poll in Michigan and an even more head scratching loss to Herman Cain in a straw poll down in Florida.

 I can understand a loss to Romney in Michigan given Mr. Romney’s connections within the state, but losing to Herman Cain anywhere is unacceptable. Was there a Godfather’s Pizza van parked near the polling location? If Rick Perry is such a frontrunner why is he losing to such a long shot?

Now one could argue that most of the major candidates did not really compete in this poll. That could provide a potential problem come election time as you’ve now told a group of very important voters that you only care when a nomination or electoral votes are on the line.

With all due respect to Mr. Cain’s success, this smacks of a protest vote from a population that feels unrepresented, a maybe a hair disrespected, by the current crop of Republican candidates. But than again, this is probably why the name of tough talking New Jersey Governor Chris Christie remains on the lips of many Republican pundits.

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