Monday, September 5, 2011

The CIA and Gadhafi

The uncovering of documents by Human Rights Watch that allegedly details involvement with the recently toppled Gadhafi regime is only really surprising to those who cannot grasp the murky underworld of national security. From what I understand, these interactions would’ve occurred in 2003-4 as the Bush administration was seeking greater intelligence capabilities. Enter Extraordinary Rendition- the process where one country, presumably a democratic country who has signed the Geneva Convention, will send a suspected terrorist to another country who can use harsher interrogation tactics because they haven’t signed and/or don’t believe in such treaties.

On paper, Gaddafi was the perfect fit for the job, if the allegations in the report are confirmed. Gaddafi had recently renounced terrorism in the wake of the overthrow of Saddam Hussein in Iraq and we had mountains of evidence that he knew how to brutalize anyone who dared to question his rule. It also provided cover for the U.S. because we can always throw the blame back on Gaddafi and it would become just another episode of a mad dictator. And before anyone scoffs that we may have worked with Gaddafi, remember the United States has a wealthy history of befriending dictators who played into our self interest. SEE: The Death of Bastard Diplomacy in June Archive.

Gaddafi and The CIA? I’m not sure, but it wouldn’t surprise me…given all the other shadowy characters we’ve allied with over the years.

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