Monday, September 12, 2011

ATM’s to Terrorists

The least surprising leak to come out of the WikiLeaks to date was the declaration that Saudi Arabia and Yemen are essentially terrorist ATM states. What is surprising is the fact that the news media decided to report this fact as though it were some shocking development when the story broke several months ago.

Here’s a newsflash boys and girls, beyond the royal family in Saudi Arabia, Americans are pretty much hated there and I think Yemen is self explanatory given all the news footage. Saudi Arabia and Yemen have large young populations that are disaffected with little hope for a meaningful life. Al Qaeda and their surrogates play on such notions and even offer a target for their anger: The West.

The Al Qaeda message is persuasive, it has to be otherwise people wouldn’t so freely give of their money and their lives. It is in these disaffected areas of the world that meaningful counter-terrorist operations need to occur. The fact that we have terrorist ATM states flush with cash and human capital for the cause, denotes a failure of civilization that has remained fixed in place for a long time.

 We have autocratic rulers who are more concerned with their own bases of power than providing meaningful economic development and jobs to its’ people because that would lead people to question the autocrats grasp on power. As long as such patterns continue: the ATM will continue to flow openly.

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