Friday, September 2, 2011

What to Do About the LRA?

The Lords Resistance Army (L.R.A) led by Joseph Kony has wrecked havoc against the Azande people throughout the Central African Republic, South Sudan, and The Democratic Republic of Congo. The Azande people are a historically marginalized ethnic group of hunters, herders, and farmers.

 Once again, the United Nations, Western, and African authorities talk a good rhetorical game about capturing Joseph Kony, but fail to deliver enough concrete results. The L.R.A strategy revolves around guerilla tactics with pristine execution, while the U.N. and other peacekeepers provide limited defenses of some civilian settlements, leaving plenty for the L.R.A. attack. Source:

What I envision as a potential solution for this problem is an African version of the Powell Doctrine. We need a large overwhelming force, with a set goal of capturing Joseph Kony while providing meaningful security to the Azande people and others who’ve been targeted by the LRA. As for the national security interest: Remember Rwanda? It’s always in America’s rational self interest to help people who can’t help themselves as the global leader.

Now ask me, what I think we’ll get. In these economic times, no one will give a crap about a few Africans and the world will continue to talk as the African Union troops remain ineffectual and the LRA will continue to stalk their prey.

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