Monday, February 6, 2012

The British Stock Bomb Plot

Four British men were convicted last Wednesday for their role in an Al Qaeda inspired bomb plot that would’ve spread economic terror by bombing the London Stock exchange around Christmas 2010. They were reportedly inspired by the words of a U.S. born Muslim cleric.

Interestingly, even prosecutors conceded that the men had not planned to kill anyone, but that because of their chosen method meant that there was risk people would have been maimed or killed. Source:

London has a lengthy history of being targeted by terrorists. This targeting will likely only intensify as the London Olympics approach. Terrorists would love to disrupt an event like the Olympic Games because of the international media attention attached to it.

 A would be terrorist would have a captive audience for their message. Fortunately, security officials have gotten better at securing “big targets”, but this still leaves a litany of soft targets. Unfortunately, even the best security can’t block everything.

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