Sunday, February 19, 2012

Romney's Michigan Moment

Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign has issues. First, he is unexpectedly swept by Rick Santorum in three February 7th contests [more on this later this week.] then he wins?Maine by 194 votes over Ron Paul.

 Now, Mitt Romney is trailing Rick Santorum in Michigan ahead of the states February 28th primary contest. On paper, this should be a slam dunk for Romney, he was born in the state and his father was once the governor of the state.

I call this a must win for Romney because how do the Republicans as a party nominate a man for the presidency who can’t even win a state, he has such personal ties to? If he can’t win in Michigan, questions reign about his candidacy.

 He hasn’t won a single state in the Midwest and only holds concrete wins in Nevada, New Hampshire, and Florida [See note on Maine above.] If you cannot win essentially a home state, how can we trust that you can beat President Obama in a general election?

Ask Al Gore failing to get the home-state win has disastrous consequences.

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