Monday, February 20, 2012

The Case of Hutaree

Nine members of the southern-Michigan based militia Hutaree are facing federal sedition conspiracy charges in a trial that is expected to determine whether the group is a threat to the U.S. or if its’ a band of “gun enthusiasts” gathered in a social club as the defense alleges.

 The FBI says the group wanted to ambush and kill a police officer and then use his or her funeral as a stage for further killings using explosives. The government has tapes where leaders say the group should start hunting law enforcement pretty soon. The groups website talks about bringing about a new world order.

 Defense attorneys argue that this speech is protected under the First Amendment and a God-given right to blow off steam. Source :

The larger issue before us is the 200% increase in militia groups since Barack Obama became president. Now there are 127 armed militia groups, while there were just 28 in 2008. Of course, militia groups aren’t exactly out there screaming “Hey look at us.” So there’s no way to get an absolutely accurate accounting of militia groups.

 Even though we’d like to pretend that we are beyond our old prejudices, we can’t account for all forms of ignorance. Ignorance and hatred are two enemies that war and time can’t expunge from this planet.

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