Monday, February 20, 2012

Tweets Explained

Did this back in September or October and really enjoyed it. So I’ll take the time to explain some of my more eccentric tweets. Some of these may be paraphrased since I’m on my non-Internet connected laptop.

What type of tennis balls you have won’t matter, if your wife slaps the umpire after the fact.

This refers to an infamous moment in Wimbledon History. In 1995, American Jeff Tarango was at Wimbledon and became infuriated with umpire Bruno Rebeuh, who had ruled against Tarango several times, and refused to continue. During the match, when preparing to serve, the crowd heckled Tarango and he responded "shut up".

 Rebeuh immediately gave a code violation to Tarango for this claiming "shut up" was an audible obscenity. Tarango protested this and called for the tournament referee calling for Rebeuh to be removed. No relief was given to Tarango and he was instructed to continue to play. He then accused Rebeuh of being "One of the most corrupt officials in the game" - to this Rebeuh gave Tarango another code violation, this time for unsportsmanlike conduct.

Tarango took umbrage, packed up his rackets and stormed off the court. To add to the controversy, Tarango's wife then slapped Rebeuh twice in the face. Source:

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