Monday, February 20, 2012

Capitol Bomb Plot

On Friday, counter terrorism officials arrested a twenty six year Moroccan national on his way to commit a suicide bombing at the U.S. Capitol Building.

This is the latest attempted lone wolf terrorist attack on American soil. Most terrorist experts indicate that the most likely avenue for a terrorist attack on American soil is not the coordinated large scale mass episode like what occurred on September 11th but rather a lone wolf attack.

What made this attempt different from others, is that El Khalifi apparently intended to commit a suicide bombing because he thought America’s war on terrorism is a war on the Islamic faith.

Suicide bombings on American soil are a rare phenomenon. Most terrorist attacks on U.S. soil have been in the mold of lone wolf. I’m not sure whether its’ a difference between Christian and Islamic terrorists or a difference between the developed and developing world.

Most lone wolf terrorists opt for a method of terror that is non lethal to themselves like the OKC bombers, while Islamic terrorists have opted for suicidal methods to make their point. This case will be interesting to follow.

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