Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Back to the Falklands

Britain and Argentina are fighting over the Falklands yet again. The Falklands are about three hundred miles off the Argentine coast, though Britain has ruled them since 1833. Brittan has no intention of giving the islands up and accuses Argentina of colonialism for pursuing its’ claim.

 The two parties fought a two month war in 1982 that killed 905 British and Argentine soldiers. Tensions rose in 2010 as British ships began to show an interest in oil exploration in the Falklands. Argentina decreed that ships passing through its waters to the islands would require permits. Source:

There is a fairly simple solution to the problem of the Falklands. The population of the Falklands should be allowed to vote whether they want to be considered British or Argentinean citizens. Of course, the battle over natural resources will complicate things.

Natural resources present on the Falklands could be considered a national interest, which will prevent either party from just stepping aside. That’s why we need a vote. Letting the people decide this matter, resources and all, is the best way to decide this conflict.

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