Sunday, February 5, 2012

Submit to Theocracy: Election Season in Iran

While Iran remains in an icy stare down with the West over its’ nuclear program, the international community is largely ignoring the other drama playing out within Iran. It’s time for another election in Iran.

 Ever watchful of the internationally broadcast street demonstrations following the dubious results of the last presidential election, Iran has begun clamping down on the press and personal freedoms throughout the country. Sadly, this is just pretty much par for the course for the Islamic Republic these days.

Iran has basically proven every Western leader that has called the Islamic Republic a corrupt, authoritarian, police state correct. What exactly do the religious leaders not want the world to see?

I’m not Colombo, but sounds like their preparing for another controversial election where basic democratic rights are withheld. This will probably be followed by large scale mass protests that will be broken by the elite guards under the thumb of the theocracy.

Another Iranian election season…joy.

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