Sunday, February 19, 2012

Words to the Rock Valley College MUN Team

I’m a few days late, but between changing my paper topic yet again and being unceremoniously roused from bed at six because the house of the neighbor two houses down from me was burning to the ground, it hasn’t been a great weekend so far. But enough about my life.

 I know that you guys are well prepared for this conference and are just going to kick butt. You guys have had the tremendous faith of Professors Quirk and Dinwiddie invested in you, and as long as you’ve prepared like champs, there should be no worries.

To the advisors of the Rock Valley College Model UN team, regardless of what happens at this conference, I want you to look at the team and ask this fundamental question “Are the people on our team better people for having been on the Model UN team”?

If you can check this box yes, then little of nothing else matters. Your ultimate wish for your team should be whether the people on this team go on to be successful human beings. Even if everything hit’s the fan, your still having a better weekend than me. 

 Between the neighbors house burning down and my mother catching one of the raccoons that inhabit our attic, which necessitated a call to Animal Services. I’m actually begging Monday to get here.

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