Monday, June 18, 2012

What about Revolution? Egypt’s Presidential Election

Last January, Egyptians celebrated in the streets after longtime dictator Hosni Mubarak stepped down after days and weeks of protesting, clashes with police, and bloody violent death.

 Today in Egypt, I can’t help but wonder, what those brave souls who spilled their blood to stand against Mubarak’s dictatorial rule would say about the choices being afforded Egyptians going to the polls this weekend ?

The Egyptian people have a choice between Mubarak’s last Vice President and a member of the Muslim Brotherhood.

The former is a symbol of the old regime, while the ladder wishes to impose Islamic law throughout Egypt.

If one votes for either candidate, they have in effect betrayed the twin spirits of democracy and freedom that led so many into the streets, and ultimately cost some people their lives.

This lack of choice is distressing, but not uncommon.

Many democratic revolutions often get bogged down once the original goal of ousting the dictator is achieved. The key is not the election itself, but how the Egyptian people react to the outcome of the election.

 They can either take to the streets and seize the revolution from the clutches the bureaucracy or let the revolution wither away, leaving democracy advocates to question: “What About Revolution”?

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