Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Problem of Militants in Pakistan

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta paid a visit to Kabul last week and declared that the United States was reaching “the limit of our patience” with Pakistan’s sheltering of insurgents, who then cross the border and attack Western troops and Afghans.
 You know what I’m sick of Leon Panetta? The uninterrupted line of U.S. presidents from Carter through Obama who continue to believe that Pakistan plays anything more than token lip service to anything we say on the issue of Afghanistan.
The Pakistani president can't do much more because he risks a military coup, if he is seen as overly aggressive in capturing militants.

Factions within the state intelligence bureau, the ISI and military fund groups that commit terrorist attacks in Afghanistan and Kashmir.
 But yet, we’re pretending that we’re friends because they provide easy access to Afghanistan.
It would be very refreshing, if just one U.S. president could have the guts to admit that Pakistan is a terrorist haven.

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