Friday, June 8, 2012

Media vs. National Security: A Dangerous Cocktail

A story has broken over the last few days concerning alleged leaks of sensitive national security information from the White House to various newspapers, apparently make President Obama look strong on national security issues ahead of the November election.

I was tempted to brush this story off as mere Republican posturing until I heard yesterday that several Democrats have voiced concerns and that the FBI is launching an investigation into the matter.

Firstly, this election will most likely be fought on the grounds of the economy, not national security.

But I have often felt that in the interest of knowing, the media goes entirely too far, and its’ been that way for a while now.By leaking information, such as the help we received in tracking down Bin Laden and other clandestine operations within the last few months, we are putting the lives of innocent people at risk.

Who in the hell is going to want to help us, if we’re splashing covert operations details across the front page of The Washington Post ? These leaks damage our intelligence gathering capability and threaten our national security because we couldn’t get the information we needed.

If your trying to help President Obama get him an economic genie in a bottle, don’t put our national security at risk.

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