Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Africans can use Technology !

Africa is a place of many problems. Africans have been described by more than one person working in a governing capacity as lazy, stupid, and barbaric.
 I’ve begun to question whether the so called civilized world’s big problem is Africa is our own moronic prejudices, rather than glaring inferiority of the African people.
 Watching the World News the other night, I heard about the plane crash in Nigeria and the news people were sent photos of the crash from someone using an IPHONE. I rejoiced because it showed me that Africans are indeed capable of using modern technology.
This is quite a leap seeing as less than a decade ago, Jeffrey Sachs put an anecdote in his book about an person on a development mission insinuating that Africans didn’t know how to tell time.
 Maybe, we’re the ones who need to have our priorities examined.
Instead of talking to the African states like they are our misbegotten stepchildren, we should actually talk to them instead of talking down to them ?
 I’m not saying it will make Africa Disneyland, but if we’re not even on equal footing, how can we make anything better?

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