Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Securing London: Missiles on a Roof

The London Olympics are less than two months away and the British are putting the final touches on security for the Games.Securing the Olympics is a Herculean undertaking because its’ global reach make it a prime terrorist target.
 But recent reports of security officials positioning surface to air missiles on the roof of an apartment building near the Olympic venues, though well intentioned, is a security misstep.
 Though I don’t want any athlete or civilian injured in a terrorist attack, I fail to see what parking a bunch of missiles on a roof will do for security.
Placing missiles on a roof, in effect makes the apartment building itself a potential target. In the effort to provide security, you may also be creating insecurity within the law abiding population as a cache of missiles on an apartment roof doesn’t exactly breed secure thoughts.
Furthermore, these measures rely on the notion of a seen enemy through a suicide bombing or something. Terrorist history tells us that far less sophisticated means can be used to create the terrorist ideal of fear and chaos at the Olympic Games.         

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