Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Phoenix Flashlight Bomber

On the blog today, we are going to talk a little terrorism.
Police in the Phoenix area are investigating several incidents involving flashlight bombs. These “flashlight bombs” are basically explosive devices placed inside flashlight covers and then left on the ground. When an unsuspecting person picks up the flashlight and turns it on, there’s an explosion.
 Though no one has been seriously injured, these devices have the potential to cause serious damage.

These flashlight bombs are representative of both new terrorism and so called lone wolf terrorism.

Here, a single man can rig a common household object with an explosive device without a tremendous financial cost or the need for a large group of people.

There’s been so much focus on large scale terrorist attacks like 9-11 or the underwear bomber. A terrorist attack doesn't have to be 9-11 to be effective. 

 If we’re ever going to meaningful combat terrorism, we must not lose sight of smaller scale operations like the flashlight bomber or else we will ultimately lose the battle against terrorism.

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