Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Now Comes Government: The Greek Election Fallout

The conservative party that supports austerity measures and continued membership in the European Union won Sunday’s vote. Ironically, that may have been the easy part.
Now they have to begin the complicated task of forming a coalition government.
Because of the complex nature of the task awaiting the perspective Greek government, they want to form a majority cabinet that can force through its’ agenda.
However, you also want to form this majority using the fewest number of parties possible. A large number of parties means a greater number of interests that need to be accounted for. Agreements become tougher.
I think we can all agree that the last thing the Greek people need right now is the self-interest of politicians.
 Yet, playing politics is a big part of what makes a politician, a politician.
 Just because Greece is in trouble, doesn’t mean that the Greek people should expect politicians to come back to humanity.
I’m very much afraid that the election was the easy part for Greece.

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