Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Curious Case of Wisconsin Recall Turnout

Forgive me, but I couldn’t help but laugh about the news reports about how much higher the estimated turnout was going to be for the recall election than the general election that elected Governor Walker two years ago.
 Admittedly I’m a Wisconsin outsider, but this doesn’t send the world’s greatest message. It says “We couldn’t be bothered to vote two years ago, but now that there’s a recall vote, we better run out and vote.
These people either love the policies of Scott Walker or hate them, but could not rouse themselves for a general election that received far less national media fanfare.
I’m a big proponent of actually turning out and voting. I’m not sure that it could’ve prevented this election, but it couldn’t have hurt.
Maybe, if people acted more like every election was a recall vote, we wouldn’t get ourselves into such dire straits that switchboards at talk radio shows wouldn’t burn up with day after day of angry callers, quite so often.
 It would be interesting to find out what made this recall election, so much more important than the general election that elected Scott Walker in the first place.

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