Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Notion of Playing Politics

When President Obama announced the change to his immigration policy on Friday, Mitt Romney was quick to call it “playing politics.”

 There’s an election in four months, just in case you missed the memo.

 Of course, this is a political move. Mitt Romney, we didn’t need you to tell us this.

 By the way, Mitt Romney having been the Governor of Massachusetts are you trying to imply that you never did anything to give yourself a political advantage?

 If your implying that, I’m prepared to call you a liar.

My larger point is not engage immigration itself, but rather the concept of “playing politics.” It’s always baffling when one party does something, then the other party calls it playing politics.

Apparently, they forgot their own record during previous administrations. What makes one party superior than the other?

 Republicans play politics every bit as much as Democrats.

This whole notion of “playing politics” during a presidential election just smacks of trying to pander for votes, among people who don’t give much thought to politics.

Playing politics is what politicians do, so both parties need to stop playing the victim.

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