Wednesday, October 5, 2011

NATO’s Night Moon

The question is simple: Do we continue the NATO practice of nighttime raids against insurgent/terrorist elements in Afghanistan? And if we continue, what sorts of modifications do we make?

I think we should continue the nighttime opperations because there is a lower risk to civilians at night during these opperations and there’s a certain element of surprise attached to the notion that these opperations could take place at anytime day or night, This surprise element could instill a sense of fear inside these terrorists who appear less willing to die than they propagandize.

Where I think the NATO mission has failed to degree is in communicating to the Afghan people the reasoning for these activities. We’ve created largely unnecessary fear and anger among the average Afghan civilian because there’s been a large communication gulf between NATO forces and the Afghan people.

 We run the risk of losing what trust we have among the Afghan people. Many of them do not like terrorists any more than we do, but if we fail to properly explain the what and why of night raids, than we become just a group of occupying bullies.

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