Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Case Against Chris Christie in 2012

I’m a Democrat admitting that I rather like Chris Christie and his pointed and blunt sound bite comments like when he told people to get the hell off the beach in Asbury Park as Hurricane Irene barred down on New Jersey. I think politics needs more men like Chris Christie who are willing to be blunt as a sledgehammer and tell things the way they are, as opposed to so many others who engage in half-speak and rhetorical exercises to avoid having to say anything meaningful and then blame everyone else when things go south.

Despite my admiration, if I had Mr. Christie’s ear today, I would strongly discourage him from a 2012 Presidential run.

That Republicans are looking for something different should be beyond dispute. This quest has gone on for months. Republicans will get excited about a potential candidate, said candidate enters race, and the excitement flickers out once they get a better look at the candidate. Just last month, the Republicans were clamouring for Texas governor Rick Perry. Well after a bad debate performace, now some are chanting for Chris Christie.

I’m very much afraid that he’ll end up like Perry and Bachmann before him: A hot candidate who fails the eye test when placed onstage. They’ll love ya right up until that first gaff on national television.

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