Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Afghanistan’s Triangle Sandwich

Christian Science Monitor posed a very interesting question last week Can United States, Pakistan, and/or India bring peace to Afghanistan?

Source: http://www.csmonitor.com/World/Asia-South-Central/2011/1006/India-Pakistan-and-the-US-Can-anyone-bring-peace-to-Afghanistan.

Although the thought interests me considering the strategic calculations that are going on in the background. Like growing tensions between the United States and Pakistan, the Karzai governments less than friendly recent words directed at elements within Pakistan, and the Afghan governments move to bolster friendly relations with India.

The unfortunate reality is that no one can bring peace to the Afghanistan, but Afghans themselves. If they request international assistance, than we should do everything we can to provide it. We should do everything we can for Afghanistan.

I realize this statement is not popular among many Americans, but it is reality. We invaded in response to a terrorist attack and proceeded to rout the Taliban. That therefore, puts the United States on the hook for providing the average Afghan citizen can use. That said, this should not be without limits. We cannot stay at current levels in Afghanistan forever, the electorate would not allow that.

Pakistan is part of the problem as the military and related organs support various insurgent groups, and I’m not sure that I trust India to not turn Afghanistan into an issue sphere to be lobbed against Pakistan.

Afghanistan peace is best achieved by the people of Afghanistan.

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