Friday, October 7, 2011

I like Big Brains and I Cannot Lie

With all due apologies to Sir Mix A-Lot and his big 1990’s hit “Baby Got Back”, he had the equation utterly wrong.

Now sure, the first thing most people notice about a person are their physical traits like hair and eye color, facial shape, height, and yes unfortunately if you’re a girl you may be judged by some men on how you fill out a pair of Daisy Dukes. I assume girls have their own criteria, but as I was born with male chromosomes that will have to wait for another day.

The problem is that many relationships seem to start based on how “hot” a guy or girl is and never beyond the establishing characteristic of hotness.

I’m no angel when it comes to checking out girls. but as you move away from being a teenager and mature a little bit, what you want in a relationship shifts. For me, its’ not just a matter of identifying a specific set of traits like blond hair, blue eyes anymore. Now I’m looking not just for certain physical traits, but certain inner attributes.

 I want a girl who has a brain…this massively beautiful brain that allows her to converse on a range of subjects from NHL hockey to the political and social issues of the day. My prevailing thought is that my future wife is probably a conservative Christian with an iron strong will.

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