Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Why John Huntsman is Right

John Huntsman, former Utah Governor, Ambassador to China, and candidate for the Republican presidential nomination in 2012 has taken aim at Rick Perry, Michelle Bachman arguing that they are candidates on the far right of the political spectrum, while Barack Obama is holding down the far left.

Huntsman argues that this has created a void of candidates who can govern true to America’s center-right character. I’m not here to debate Huntsman credentials of being a centrist, just to say that he has a point here. The common thought among political commentators is that the United States has made a far swing to the right embodied by the Tea Party Republicans.

Lets accept the above statements as truth for a moment, the general election than pit’s a leftist Barack Obama verses a far right candidate, [I’ll let you pick] If Barack Obama is defeated for a lack of economic growth and pushing the country too left. Then we’ve elected a far right candidate. If the American voter believes that far right politicians are going to solve our problems, than I’m going to need to learn the easiest route to sneak across the Canadian border because that type of thinking is ignorant.

The problems the United States has lack of jobs, health care, debt, etc. will not be solved through extreme views and radical solutions that place a disproportionate burden on either the extremely poor or very rich.

Anyone voting for a radical right wing candidate thinking they can fix our problems, get ready for more disappointment.

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