Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Gun Controls Missed Reality

Advocates of tighter gun control standards that inevitably emerge following an tragedy like those committed at Virginia Tech and my own Northern Illinois University have the best of intentions in preventing mentally disturbed people from having access to dangerous weapons. Advocates of tighter gun control however, are failing to grasp a fundamental point. By making it more restrictive for law abiding citizens to carry or possesses guns, rather than providing a deterrent to crime and senseless bloodshed, gun control advocates are creating a societal situation where only the criminals have guns and where stretched too thin police forces are the publics only defense against being held hostage by criminal gangs.

This missed reality occurs because advocates of tighter gun control often ignore the black or underground market that exists for handguns and firearms that criminal elements and those with the right connections can easily tap into. If we as a society want the safer streets with less gun violence, these are the markets that must be cracked down upon. Otherwise, we’ll have tougher gun control laws barring law abiding citizens from having weapons while an element of criminals and mentally deranged, who don’t care about our laws continue to terrorize our inner cities with their illegal guns that exist beyond the touch of our gun control laws.

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