Thursday, August 18, 2011

Technology: A microcosm of the world?

Last night as my mom and I were trying to figure out how to get our 2003-4 era VHS/DVD player to work with our recently purchased television. Still working on the solution to that one, but anyhow it lead me to think about the rather disposable nature of modern technology within our world.

 For example, lets say you buy a new IPOD, doesn’t it just figure that five minutes later, the NEW AND IMPROVED IPOD will debut making your device “the last season” of the technology. This influx of new technology constantly going one step higher than the previous edition is a microcosm for the world at large and more specifically American consumer culture.

This desire to have the newest, latest, greatest, thing creates a culture where nothing is good enough.

Some people have even carried this into their personal relationship opting for the guy who looks like a Tommy Hilfiger model, but treats them like garbage. While the perfect guy for them is left pining because he can’t deliver the physical chemistry that the mega hottie can. Some people just gotta have the Bentley when a station wagon will meet their needs just as easily and ultimately provide them more happiness. The topic has been the focus of many first rate songs of every genre over the years.

So ladies, like my trusty circa 2003 VHS/DVD player…if your dissatisfied with the guys you attract, maybe you should consider the where and how your meeting them. The club scene is not the best place for deep and meaningful conversation, but there’s probably an awesome guy at your public library reading Aristotle or Plato, who will find you just as hot as that club guy.

It goes both ways, nice guys should not fundamentally alter themselves just because they want the girl who is hopelessly under the spell of some muscle head. Nice guys need nice girls who can respect them for who they are, not some fake depiction of what the girl wants…because it never works.

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