Sunday, August 21, 2011

Diving in the Artic

A Christian Science Monitor story posted on Monday describes the “bold” moves Russia is preparing to make to secure a large share of the suspected natural resources within the Artic. Russia is expected to make its’ claim to annex 380,000 square miles of internationally owned Artic to Russian control, which would give them access to unopened fisheries hydrocarbon reserves, and a freshly opened Asia to Europe shipping route that cuts shipping time by a third. Canada, Russia, the U.S., Denmark, and Norway own Artic coastlines that could theoretically extend to the North Pole. However, there is no regional deal, which will lead to tensions. Credit:

The broader issue here is the scramble this may set off as other countries put in claims on Artic lands. Expect similar free for all scrambles occur as various state actors chase after a shrinking supply of fuel resources. The common axiom of “Drill Baby Drill”, isn’t a realistic solution to the long term problem of energy security. This isn’t a problem that we can or should answer absolutely with drilling. We need alternative sources of power like wind, solar, and electric and we needed them yesterday. It’s a fundamental matter of national security and preservation of our planet. We are addicted to crude oil, which has in turn held us hostage to murderous Middle Eastern dictators whose citizens are recruited by Al Qaeda to attack American interest throughout the world.

If we don’t break the stranglehold, we’ll be nothing more than slaves to $4.00 gas and the same terrorists who wish to kill us. That cannot and should not be allowed to occur, but sadly it will until our politicians buy a clue and understand that our problems don’t end with “Drill baby Drill.” Any candidate for the elected office who believes that it does should have their forehead tagged with another catchphrase “Ignorant baby Ignorant.”

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