Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hiking Along the Border

Before I begin, I hope the two young men being held in Iran return to the United States really soon because I truly believe that the Iranian leadership has proven its’ point here, whatever it is. Warning, if your sensitive these comments are likely to offend you. The last thing I want is a comment box filled with comments about what an insensitive, cruel, person I am . But a question has been gnawing at me, since the Americans were detained in Iran. What is the thought process that would lead one to go hiking along the Iraq-Iran border?

Lets accept the idea that they got lost and ended up on the Iranian side. They had to know if that happened they would be in big trouble given our perilous relations with Iran. There are millions of great hiking spots in the world, located on borders of countries that are friendly with the United States where you would probably be detained for some type of immigration violation, but you would’ve been home months ago.

 Now right or wrong, you’re a human political bargaining chip that Iran is going to use as long as it can. I realize this sounds like I’m blaming them, but the question has been bothering me. Why would a group of logical sounding people take such a gigantic risk?

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