Saturday, July 16, 2011

When a Prayer Just Doesn’t Seem Good Enough

I wanted to step away from the plague of partisan debt wrangling, war, and autocratic government to offer a brief comment. A Facebook friend of mine has a sister who had surgery yesterday. Many people dropped by to offer words of comfort and thoughts and prayers for a quick recovery. But as I sat there, extending my sentiments, something felt hollow as though a prayer didn’t seem good enough. Unfortunately absent a suddenly acquired ability to prevent anything bad from happening to anyone ever again, a prayer is the only thing we mere mortals where given to battle the seemingly unfair forces of the world. I post this mainly as a reminder that there are things more important than politics and partisanship in this life like family and friends that should be coveted above all else and sometimes all we have is an assortment prayers to deal with circumstances that seem so much bigger than us all.

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